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Hell Panorama, 2019.
Utopia Panorama, 2019.

Coloured pencil and graphite on paper, 31 x 64 cm.

Description: The pencil drawings entitled Utopia Panorama and Hell Panorama, by Davor Gromilovic, were conceived as a pair, offering alternative visions of the same fictional space. With the artist’s characteristic blend of personal imagination, folk tradition and pop, paradise is depicted as a fantasy landscape in which dinosaurs coexist with fairytale royalty. In the underworld, meanwhile, horrific tortures take place by the light of a disco ball.

Gromilovic intentionally leaves his stories open to interpretation, encouraging the viewer to engage their own imagination. Each drawing contains a range of scenes and characters which may be connected, while visual ingredients such as spaceships and monsters offer a throwback to childhood. Both panoramas feature a vortex too, providing a link to its partner image and raising the question of whether utopia and hell are so very far apart.

Biography: Davor Gromilovic (Sombor, Serbia, 1985) works with coloured pencils to create richly-textured narratives filled with detail. His visual tales draw on influences including comics, 80s television shows and Balkan folk tradition, and feature a cast of imaginary characters developed by the artist since childhood. Trained in fine arts at the University of Novi Sad, Serbia, Gromilovic has worked across diverse media including painting and video, but has most recently chosen to centre his practice on drawing.

Gromilovic looks to engage the viewer by leaving the storyline in his works open to interpretation. Each different layer or ingredient in his narratives allows for speculation, providing what the artist refers to as “brain food for everyone.” His work has been shown worldwide, including at the National Museum, Krakow (Poland) and Halle Saint Pierre Museum, Paris (France) and he has held solo exhibitions in Serbia, Austria and the USA. 

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