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Psychogeography Study 79, 2015.

Glass, collage, acrylic, 91 x 35 x 20 cm.

Psychogeography Study 79
is a standing figure made of paper cut-outs trapped inside layers of glass, a human form composed of countless images and stories. Scenes or bodies such as this one are a defining feature of Yellin’s practice, a sculptural form of collage which he describes as “frozen cinema.”
Psychogeography explores the relationships between environments, emotions and behaviour, and was a term used by the Situationist International to express how desire affects the urban experience. In his Psychogeographies, Dustin Yellin transforms our contemporary landscape of information overload into physical beings, each one a unique amalgam of influences and experience. These imposing sculptures serve as archives of the present, layered representations of ourselves .

Biography: Dustin Yellin (Los Angeles, USA, 1975) works with print media embedded in sheets of glass to sculpt human forms and landscapes. These collage sculptures have an ethereal quality: they are fragmentary scenes trapped in weighty yet transparent spaces. Yellin’s figures can be viewed as an archive of our present-day, information overload transformed into layered portraits of us all.

Since his first individual presentation in 2002, Yellin has held solo shows in New York, California and London. In 2011, he founded Pioneer Works, a huge cross-disciplinary space in Brooklyn, and his Psychogeographies sculptures have been exhibited at the Lincoln Center, New York and the Kennedy Center, Washington DC. In 2015, a six-piece permanent installation of his work was opened off Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles.

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