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Umbráfono II


Iron, brass, aluminium, electrolytic layer, iroko wood, polyester, 60 x 168 x 22 cm.

Description: Umbráfono II by Enrique del Castillo is an optical reader which transforms patterns on 35mm film into sound. Built using parts from vintage cinema projectors, the machine can produce up to four sounds at the same time, creating a polyphonic environment which, according to the artist, seeks to provoke in the listener a dream-like state or trance.  

Enrique del Castillo worked with compositions such as Tu Pauperum Refugium by Josquin Des Prez (1450-1521) and Lo Amai Sempre by Adrian Willaert (1490-1562) to develop five compositions for the machine, electronic soundscapes that link the cultural environment of Bosch’s era with the present day. These compositions are available here and will each be played on Umbráfono II at Matadero Madrid over the course of the exhibition

Biography: Enrique del Castillo (Jaén, Spain, 1982) trained in Fine Arts at Granada University, completed a Master’s at Barcelona University and has developed his artistic career both in painting and sound art. Collaboration with the experimental filmmaker, Miguel A. Puertas sparked his interest in celluloid as sound media, and since 2018 his practice has centred on developing and performing with optical readers which transform patterns on film into sound.

Del Castillo has participated in international festivals including Hunna (Nueva York, 2015), Halle (Alemania), On Off Festival (Berli­n, 2015) and the Vilnius International Film Festival (Vilnius, 2014). In 2020 his Phonoptic Reader won the PowSOLO Award for Sound art, organised by Colección SOLO in collaboration with the Dutch sound art network, Powland

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︎NAVE 16.MATADERO    ︎︎︎07 OCT—27 FEB