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WORK: Homo-?
YEAR: 2019
Video projection on canvas, 45 seconds.

Description: In Homo-?, human progress is condensed into a timeline that questions where we are headed as a species. Created by Filip Custic for his solo exhibition at La Térmica (Malaga, Spain) in 2019, the video loop sets milestones of social and technological progress between two figures, Alpha and Omega.

Bodies are central to Custic’s aesthetic, often appearing artificialized, transformed or multiplied in his works. The central section of Homo-? is a series of staged scenes featuring semi-naked figures, art historical references and symbols, a personal interpretation of evolution from the development of consciousness to transhumanism. Despite the right-hand panel representing Omega, this chronology is unfinished: using a question mark in the work’s title, the artist alludes to a possible future where body, sexuality and identity are fluid.

Biography: Filip Custic (Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain 1993) works across photography, performance and video to address themes around identity, body and our relationship with technology. Mirrors are a recurring feature, a reference to our age of image-obsession and selfies, and Custic also uses symbols, references to science, and art-historical borrowings in his art.

Custic has worked as creative director and photographer for publications including Vogue, GQ and Esquire, as well as the Spanish fashion designer, Palomo Spain. In 2018 he developed the artwork for Rosalía’s album, El mal querer and has exhibited at Caixaforum Barcelona, MdbK Leipzig (Germany), and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb (Croatia), among others.

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