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The Garden of Ephemeral Details, 

Autonomous AI machine, multiple GANs, 4K

Bosch’s masterpiece comes under the gaze of new technology in The Garden of Ephemeral Details, by Mario Klingemann (Laatzen, Germany, 1970). A suite of algorithms, custom-developed by the artist, reinterprets the original as we watch. The distinctive structures of Bosch’s original melt into abstract forms; prominent characters such as Adam or Eve are revisited, and the painting’s colours and texture become fluid.  

The AI-model works on different areas of the triptych, reinterpreting sections of the painting before returning them to their original state. This organic cycle of analysis, morphosis and restoration is endless, offering each viewer a unique visual experience. Considered by its creator as an experiment in perception,The Garden of Ephemeral Details uses Bosch’s work to raise questions about awareness, memory and change.

Biography: Mario Klingemann (Laatzen, Germany, 1970) uses algorithms and artificial intelligence to explore visual imagery, language and our increasingly complex relationship with technology. His works are developed using generative adversarial networks (GANs) and presented as screen-based art or interactive installations. Viewers are offered an infinite stream of visual experiences as portraits, abstracted figurative forms or phrases are generated in real time by the artist’s AI models.

A leading figure in the field now known as AI-art, Klingemann was Google Arts and Culture Artist in Residence from 2015-2018 and has collaborated with prestigious institutions such as the British Library and the New York Public Library. He received the Lumen Prize Gold Award in 2018 and his works have been exhibited at world-class arts centres including Centre Pompidou (Paris), The Barbican Centre (London) and the Hermitage Museum (St. Petersburg).

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