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WORK: El Jardín de las Delicias, 2020.
Ceramic, glazed earthenware, fabric.
54 x 32 x 25 cm | 55 x 29 x 31 cm | 44 x 27 x 23 cm

Description: Laura Lasheras (La Rioja, Spain, 1979), known as Lusesita, sets the Genesis story in a triptych of ceramics and textile, populated by a cast of mice. El jardín de las delicias features many of the artist’s trademarks: pastel shades, organic forms and winsome characters are countered with disquieting details such as elongated fingers, spikes and tongues.

These contrasting elements reflect the artist’s interest in the duality of human nature, evoking in the viewer a contradictory blend of tenderness and revulsion. Unbleached cloth and glazing are used selectively, adding texture to the three structures inspired by Bosch’s fantasy architecture. The original’s moralistic focus, however, is challenged in Lusesita’s tale. Adam and Eve remain the protagonists but sin looks cute and even hell has a touch of pink.

Biography: The ceramicist, Laura Lasheras (Calahorra, Spain, 1979), known as Lusesita, combines organic forms, unbleached cloth and soft pastels with macabre details. As she explains, her artwork seeks to contrast elements that are “sweet, tender or delicate with sensations of harshness, fear or danger.” The result is a collection of sculptural pieces which blend wit, eroticism and visual poetry.

Lusesita studied Fine Arts in Logroño before specialising in ceramics at the Zaragoza School of Arts and Crafts and going to complete further training at the Sargadelos Ceramics School in Lugo.   Her project Pop Up the Volume (2012) brought ceramics into a collection by fashion designer, Martin Lamothe, and in 2016 she was named by the Spanish daily, El País, as one of the country’s brightest new names in ceramics. Lusesita has participated in group shows in Italy, France, South Korea, Mexico and Spain, including at Urvanity, Madrid (2020). 

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